Moonie Development Blog

Keep up-to-date with Moonie's development as it continues to grow and improve.

  1. Moving Forward

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    The last update took an unusually long time to show up on all Mac App Stores (~ 3 days). This is something out of my control and depends on how quickly Apple update their servers. All previous updates were available within an hour or so of release.

    Moving on. Next update is focused on integrating access to historical prices.

    ~ James

  2. Update Released: Mac v1.7.2 Win v1.4

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    Moonie now supports coins that share the same symbol. This new feature requires all past and future transactions to be assigned a currency symbol and currency name.

    Existing users will be required to go through a once off check of their transactions to see if they can be matched to a supported currency. This is an automatic process, but if Moonie cannot find a proper match, then the user will have to manually assign any outstanding.

    For any unknown coins, like a new ICO, then the user can create a new currency reference (symbol and name for the ICO coin/token).

    More details are provided in-app on first run.

    If you feel a coin should be supported and is not an option from the assign dropdown, please let me know via twitter or email :)

    ~ James

  3. Quick Dev Update

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    Progress on the duplicate symbol update is coming along quicker than expected and could quite possibly be ready within a week.

    I've also started integrating historical price data for calculating past balance values and for any past transactions that are missing their cost basis value.

    If you are experiencing poor screen quality on an older computer please see the FAQ. A UI overhaul will come at a later date. For now, building out core functionality is my main priority.

    ~ James

  4. Duplicate Coin Symbols

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    There is an issue with coins that use the same symbol. For example PlayChip (PLA) and Plair (PLA) both share the same symbol.

    Moonie uses the coins symbol as reference to sort data and also when attempting to fetch live prices. If a duplicate symbol is found, Moonie will only return the price for the coin with the highest market cap ranking, as it cannot yet differentiate between the two.

    I am currently addressing this issue by changing the way Moonie references coins within the database. This is requiring quite significant changes to be made to the underlying structure of the program and an ETA on the update is unknown.

    But I am onto it! and will keep you posted. There could be other updates roll out before this one is complete tho.

    ~ James

  5. Update Released: Mac v1.7.1 Win v1.3

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    • Live price data now provided by 🌶
    • Added un/realised gains long/short-term hold split to the dashboard.
    • Added current market values for long-term asset amounts to the holds report.
    • Various bug fixes and report generation performance improvement.

    App version numbering: Working towards aligning the Mac and Windows version numbers. By v1.8 they will match.

    ~ James

  6. Welcome to Moonie's Dev Blog

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    Hi! Here you can keep up-to-date on all stages of Moonie's development as it continues to grow and improve.

    Please note: The timeframe for rolling out each update depends heavily on the nature of work involved. General bug fixes / minor improvements can be rolled out within a few days, whereas something like integrating exchange APIs could potentially take me some weeks to complete.

    As always, your continued feedback is greatly appreciated and I'll push out updates as often as possible.

    Thank you ~ James