About Moonie

Cryptocurrency Bookkeeping Software


Moonie is an all-in-one crypto / coin tracking, analysis and reporting desktop application. Built by a crypto trader, for crypto traders.

Moonie was created by James Mace (Ruff Robot), an independent software developer based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

From what started out as a basic spreadsheet for recording transactions, Moonie has evolved into a fully functioning portfolio monitoring and bookkeeping program. Available for free on both the macOS and Windows desktop platforms.

The primary focus was to create an easy to use solution where the user retains complete control over their data. No subscription or online presence required. All data is stored locally on the users computer. With the exception of retrieving current / historical currency prices (optional), Moonie can be used offline for all data entry/editing and report generation.

Being in it's infancy, there is plenty more in store as Moonie continues to improve and expand upon its feature set. Moonie’s roadmap ranges from additional country specific reporting options, graphs/charts, exchange file/api data import, through to natively coding the app for both platforms.

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~ James